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First off, it has to be asked as to whether you're referring to Echani as the race (which is simple enough to do; just go with pale skin tone, silver/gray hair, and silver eyes, which, iirc, are baseline options for humans anyways) or Echani as the fighting discipline. As mentioned before, the race itself is trivial, seeing as the Echani are a near-human race with the only primary difference being cultural, which is easily accomplished through roleplay. As a fighting discipline, it's not really possible: the Echani are martial combatants but they don't use the Force, nor do they use heavy armor. The classes that fit *some* of those are Shadows (martial characters with acrobatic movement and light armor, but they use the Force), Sentinels (similar in vein to the Shadow, would be excluded because of the Force as well, but use medium armor, which just looks like leather, instead), and Scoundrels (melee based with some decent emphasis on punching and kicking, though it's less "martial arts" and more "fighting dirty", so, aesthetically it doesn't work well, not to mention that they use a blaster and shotgun as their primary weapons).

If I were making an Echani type character, especially your Miraluka/Echani hybrid, I would probably go with a Miraluka Shadow (pale skin with white hair) and, when 2.0 is released, swap to using an electrostaff: you'll get light armor, acrobatic movement, and you can just hand wave the Force techniques using whatever roleplay excuse you want (in your backstory, your character could be ethnically Echani and raised as such from a young age but taken into the Jedi Order and trained as a Consular which explains why you use acrobatic moves and Echani physical disciplines mixed with traditional Jedi Force powers; conversely, you could just say that those attacks "do not exist" as far as you care and explain any damage you might do with them as being different Echani techniques or modified effects caused by tweaking your shield generator).

I've actually been spending time over the last couple of months developing a full on Echani class (2 ACs, companions designed, story written, abilities and talent trees set up with numbers as well; the whole shebang) partly as an interesting piece of game development but also because I've always thought the Echani were an interesting part of SW canon. I plan on posting it somewhere on the forums (no idea where, but likely in the class forums since I doubt it would actually constitute a real "Suggestion" in the applicable sense) when I get done with it (just gotta finish setting up the tank/DPS CDs and 1 more talent tree; maybe 2-4 weeks more, depending on how inspired I get in the intervening time frame).
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