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03.02.2013 , 08:21 AM | #3
My opinion on (2) is that it's easily solved by a couple of steps.

Do not assume everyone has run your FP/OP Before: Remember, all of us have had to run an FP or OP for the first time at some point. Last week was my first time tanking Directive 7. I've still never run LI HM or any OP aside from EV. Simply put, if you don't begin from assuming everyone will know the FP, you can avoid problems.
--Corrolary: Do not assume, ever, that even if someone has done an FP before, that they've done a speed run of it before.

Check at the start: We have a chat interface. Spending a minute or two to ask two simple questions can save a group of lot of hassle. "Has everyone done this before?" and, "Speed or full run?"

Take a few minutes to plan at bosses: This is something the awesome PUG I had for EV did. We had a couple people who knew the Op really, really, really well, and a couple of us we n00bs. To be fair, we might have watched or read about them beforehand. The de facto Op leader took a few minutes before to ask before major fights, "Does everyone know this one?" Even a vet sometimes needed a refresher on mechanics.

Honestly, a lot of issues with things like that can be solved by patience, and importantly, not mocking your group members. Even if asking a couple questions of your group takes no more than 2 minutes, you can likely save yourself a lot of headache.