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In comparison to Guardian/Vanguard tanks, what is your(and everyone else's who posts here ftm) opinion of shadows main tanking ability for rateds on the PTS?

Personally, i still think we are going to be relegated to off-node guarding but I dont have a guardian or Van on the PTS so I cant really compare them beyond the patch notes. Also, I really hate the change they made to slow time (inc the cool-down from 7.5 to 9secs) which was really the only reason that full kinetic was useful.

You can always edit your post #3 or create a new one, copy/paste, reserve a few of the next, and delete all of the info in this one.
Well, I think if anything this pretty much further solidifies Shadow's position as a node guard in rateds. The reason for this is because Phase Walk made them even better at node guarding. Shadow tanking as a whole will improve but so will Guardian's tanking.
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