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Funny how people don't realize that online games are just a cover for what's really going on.

Social experiments.

" How do people react when a necessity gets a drastic and dramatic price change? "

" How do people choose which item should go to who, depending of the use for each person for said item ? "

There are people studying this and reactions.

And my opinion on this? Kick ninja looter at first random Need or tell him so, see how he reacts ( if he gives it to a legit user or not ) and decide on that.
Now this is interesting. I have studied sociology myself and consider a ingame community a mirror of a real society. That is why I always refer to this current lootsystem as "anarchy", since everyone can need on whatever they please. It is like a society where there are no authorities to stop you from taking something.

This is ofcourse another story that would be best discussed over a beer at a local pub over a evening but in short I agree that what you say is true. You can easily apply the ingame sociological phenomenons to real life, if people has nothing to stop them from taking stuff they actually do it.