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Its just franchise aesthetics being consistent. You can head-canon any in-universe explanation you want but the simple truth is that it wasn't thought that much through. They wanted a "clone/storm trooper" class for people to play as, the same way the wanted a han/lando class that ended up dressing identical right down to the silly cape, got the same kind of ship, and even got a wookie companion. These things aren't just coincidences or intentional plot devices, Its a combination of lack of creativity and holding ones self back from even trying to be creative cause playing it safe with the familiar tropes of the franchise will make more people satisfied and thus make more money. Its no different then when clone wars recycles old characters that have long past their prime just to try to appeal to fans of that character. They wanted to appeal to fans of clone troopers and let you play as one, despite it being 4000 years in the past. Didn't matter, you get to play as one anyways. And people gobble it up, myself included, cause we just can't help it. Its fun, even if its utterly unsurprising. (Though thankfully there are some parts of the game that are pretty fresh for the franchise. I'm lookin at you, Imperial Agent)

Of course, perhaps somewhat ironically, many people playing force users want nothing more then to be able to look like jedi or sith in the movies, as in simple layered robes without all the wacky armored parts or cartoony color patterns that saturate the old republics fashion scene.