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They probably won't go through with it, its just to build up suspense and then come in with a lackluster ending. Though I will be very surprised if they have the balls to stick with it.
This is what I'm worried about, this could very well end with Ahsoka acquitted and the Dark Jedi gets killed by Anakin and everything is... mostly back to normal again

Then again my worries can be for naught, and we might end up with a scenario in which Ahsoka gets thrown into jail and the Dark Jedi escapes and becomes a new villain to replace Ventress, should lead to a very interesting sixth season
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Personally I would slap Georges hands away from the editing desk, give him a colouring book and then remake the entire prequel trilogy so that Darth Vader uses the force to win breakdance competitions and chokes to death anyone who utters the word midichlorians.