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There are a couple possible explanations for this.

The first is that they want to make the Clone/Stormtrooper style of armor canonically associated with the Old Republic's military forces. The change in style could easily be explained by the 300 years that pass between the events of the Jedi Civil War and the Great Galactic War.

So, if we take this to be the beginnings of this armor's usage in the Republic, then it would even make sense for the Clones to be armored in this style when they are produced for the Republic. As for it being based on Mandalorian armor, you could look at the Neo-Crusaders armor (which was very good) and see that as the inspiration for the Republic's new armor designs. It would make sense to adopt the aspects of their enemies' armor that were superior, and they just didn't get the chance to do so until after the Jedi Civil War. Things were pretty crazy after the Mandalorian Wars for a while, but 300 years of relative peace is plenty of time to retro-fit your forces.
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