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I just had to share!

Finding the factory by capturing an HK unit assumes that the scenarios I presented earlier (HKs vs. Traya and Droids vs. MSG) do not succeed. Which they will, seeings as Traya will be taken by surprise due to her inability to sense droids in pretty much every way. So G0-T0 will have the first strike and only if that fails will Traya even have the chance of making a valid offensive against him.
I don't think that Traya will be taken by surprise. The HK-50 Units are hardly known for their subtlety, so an attempt to assassinate Traya would probably become violent long before they reached the Trayus Core. After all, Traya is surrounded by Sith Assassins (I'd imagine they have pretty good awareness of their surroundings) and various other Sith Acolytes and Troopers.

Realistically, I don't see anything short of a full-scale assault by the HK-50 units succeeding. After all, their usual method of infiltration is to pose as protocol droids, but Traya despises droids and isn't known to keep any in her academy.
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