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I'm guessing you plan on doing a review of every episode, or just the prequels?

Concerning the romance, I don't have much gripe with it, and I don't really much care for it either. However concerning those scenes I thought that was interesting was how Padme was used as a character for Anakin to bounce of and display his thoughts and opinions to the audience. I especially like the bit where he advocates what is essentially a dictatorship.

However I think the mediocre romance scenes are offset by the conflict element of the film, e.g. the battle of Geonosis and climatic battle with Dooku, Obi Wan, Anakin and Yoda. Yoda especially as this was sort of his 'debut' in terms of combat. Still in terms of overall perfomance, I wouldn't rate it highly overall. It would probably be at the bottom with the Phantom Menance, although IMO it was better.