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English has german words in it. This is just the more pure version of English. Learn your real language called German.

The more you know. (tm)
Actually English is a combo of German, several Scandinavian languages (mostly Danish and Norwegian- The Swedes mostly invaded due South from Sweden and also East into Russia- in fact Russia is named for the Rus- a group of Vikings who settled there.) and later Latinate influences from the Norman invasion which infused Latin/French into English.

So, prior to the Norman invasion of the British Isles you had a language called Old English (hodgepodge of various "viking" groups' lingo and Germanic settlers/invaders like the Angles and Saxons) that is closest to modern Icelandic (descended from old Norwegian).

Norman invasion brough Latin influences into the language giving "us" a language called Middle English (what Chaucer wrote in) and then of course time and typical language evolution/drift gives us Modern English.

Just thought I'd throw all that text at 'ya since you're pretending to know what you're talking about....The more you know and all that