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Not sure if this question has being asked already but here goes.
Why Republic Trooper armor looks like the clone armor from the movies ,more than *three thousand years* later.This is insane.i know technology doesn't change and evolve much in Star Wars,this is purely looks and design speaking.
Specially the T-shaped visor helmets,i mean they are 95 % identical to the clone trooper helmet which was based on mandalorian design because Jango Fett is a mandalorian.
There were so much posibilities.I mean look how republic soldiers look like in kotor 1 and 2,and also in Revan and Malak's army.Just look at them.Why did they had to copy-paste the clone trooper armor design.

This is a major immersion breaker for me and i can never start playing the trooper class because of this.

Can somebody here come up with a somewhat good lore/story explanation for me so i can put my mind to rest and finally start a trooper?