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Oh lord, when I read that I couldn't stop laughin! Thankyou Warren.

EDIT: On a serious note, concerning finding the Telos Factory: I assume she would track it down in a similar way to how HK-47 did, by capturing the droids. However one way G0-T0 might attempt to counter this is my giving his units a in-built self destruct mechanism. But then again.. he didn't do that before.
I just had to share!

Finding the factory by capturing an HK unit assumes that the scenarios I presented earlier (HKs vs. Traya and Droids vs. MSG) do not succeed. Which they will, seeings as Traya will be taken by surprise due to her inability to sense droids in pretty much every way. So G0-T0 will have the first strike and only if that fails will Traya even have the chance of making a valid offensive against him.

Also, I'm not sure how HK-47 used the droids to find the factory. Maybe he downloaded the coordinates? I'm asking because the HK units are compatable. He can access the files in the HK-50's mainframe, while Traya could not. EDIT: Oh, HK-47 tortured one? I think it's safe to assume that, if the attempt fails, no HK will be left alive to torture. And really, no one knows how to torture droids other than droids themselves.

And also, on Peragus, the HK-50 that you fight self-destructs after a five second countdown.
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