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Wolf, I think you should consider using Gizoogle's version of your signature quote. It's got.... not exactly panache, but a certain force to it.
Oh lord, when I read that I couldn't stop laughin! Thankyou Warren.

Speaking of which, your sig is kinda funny too:

"Opinion: Yo Crazy-*** resistizzle is most entertaining, meatbag."

Also, from now on if you which to refamiliraize yourselves this the rules, you will consult this page.

EDIT: On a serious note, concerning finding the Telos Factory: I assume she would track it down in a similar way to how HK-47 did, by capturing the droids. However one way G0-T0 might attempt to counter this is my giving his units a in-built self destruct mechanism. But then again.. he didn't do that before.