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Deceived is the best SWTOR novel imo. Its focused on Darth Malgus during and after the sacking of Coruscant (That epic first CG trailer that released) as well as a young Jedi that abandons the order to hunt him and a smuggler with an issue you can actually sympathize with (not just all hey ho making money yo) that gets tied into it.

In terms of all Star Wars books, I HIGHLY recommend Darth Plagueis. Plagueis was Sidious's former master, the book deals with how he became Lord, how he found and trained Palpatine to become Sidious and how Sidious killed him and took over the Sith's activities including training Maul, and it gives a lot of detail in the behind the scenes events leading right up to and during Ep. 1

Those are my two favorite SW books of all, but really theres too many good ones to list em all. I'd say pretty much anything written by James Luceno and Paul S. Kemp you can expect to be amongst the best. But theres a lot more still. Drew Karpyshyn wrote Revan as well as the Darth Bane trilogy. They are good, not the greatest, but good. I'm currently reading the adaption of Ep3 and I gotta say, a lot of people claim its better then the movie and I completely agree. Its so much better then the movie that it makes me tolerate the movie more by considering it more like a visual reference to the events of the book rather then an accurate portrayal of any semblance of detail itself. So I recommend that one too.