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There was alot of issues IMO.


Character development was a huge problem through the entire trilogy, because you get no real bad guy ever. I realize palpatine is the orchestrator, but we needed a more active player, and one that could also be developed through out the films.

We had Maul....He died in 1 film
We got Fett: He also died in 1 film.
Grevious: Came out of nowhere and also dies in only 1 film.
Count Dooku: He came at the end of episode 2 and died in the first act of episode 3. Plus i never understood his motive, it seemed like in Episode 2 he was trying to help Obi-Wan realize that there was Sith controling the Senate and he made some comment about Qui-Gon, but then in 3 he was just totally bad.

2: Master Sifo Diyas

I had NO clue who that was. The EU explains it, but a movie should not need a book to explain what the heck is happening.


I dont have to explain the love story stuff or anything since we have heard all that.
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