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02.27.2013 , 09:08 PM | #4
Same problem here my Inquisitor wears Elder Exemplars Robe w/ a Endowment Reactive Headgear and his outfit looks sick when he has his helmet on and hood up. Kinda of looks like the sith lord from the video where Malgus kills the Zabrak jedi... BAD ***. Well I put in a ticket in about it but now my character with just the hood and no helmet looks dumb or just the helmet and no hood looks dumb! Please fix smuggler sounds also!!!!! THAT WAS MONTHS AGO AND WAS ACKNOWLEDED TO BE A BUG!!!!! Instead you'll add all this ridiculous stuff to the cartel market (which ive spent over $400 bucks in the Cartel Market atleast ) where I know others have spent the same and more. I don't mind spending the cash though I wouldn't spend it if I didn't want to nobodys forcing me, although it leads me to believe the game with market has become extremely profitable. But, in the mean time A TON OF BUGS have pilled up BIOWARE!!! PLEASE FIX WITH NEXT PATCH AS YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY AWARE OF THE ISSUE!!!