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What people are too dumb to realize... if Disney took over this IP, it would be the BEST thing to happen to it. They are 350% about customer service and satisfaction. They actually talk to their customers. They go out of their way to make sure the masses by and large, have a wholesome, satisfying experience.
paritally this. While I do think Disney is the best thing for Star Wars and I am very happy they are making new movies I don't agree with the rest of it.

Yes there was a time where Disney really cared about their customers however for the past year Iger has ruined that. He and his underlings beleive in the "Blue Ocean" philosphy of business which is a HORRIBLE idea.

They don't beleive in building new parks or really in that many rides. They believe that the attendance in Orlando is at it's maximum even though attendence at Universal, Sea World and Legoland all have gone up.

They spent 2 billion on the worst idea ever the Fast Pass plus which is failing hard. 2 billion could have built 2 new parks.

They honestly beleive that no one can compete with Disney. Meanwhile Universal has seen it's attendance numbers rival Disny and is putting 1.5 billion dollars of new rides in its parks and there are rumors of them building a third park.

They also don't even bother with standard maintainence. For example in the Magic Kingdom on Splash Mountain the "Laughing Place" scene has been broken for the past 5 years even though its gone down for maintainence at lest 4 times.

How many people remember Pleasure Island? It was part of downtown Disney it had all these really cool clubs. Did you know it had the most profitible night clubs in the entire US? Well Iger thought they could make more money so they shut all the clubs down. Guess what? As soon as the clubs shut down no one wanted to build there becuase htere was no foot traffic. For the past 6 years Pleasure Island has been empty.

But i digress.