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I don't hate him and I'm also looking forwardto the next SW installment.
I think a lot of people have reservations about SW going to Disney due to Disney having a track record that is primarily focused on films aimed at children and are therefore worried that any new films might be child-centric rather than aimed at the long-term (adult) followers? Thats just a guess, of course.
On the other hand, Disney make wonderful fantastical movies and this might be a chance for them to reach out to an older audience as opposed to dumbing the series down for a younger audience. I would also hope that the producers (or whoever) looks at the very strong online role-playing communities of the different Star Wars games - there are tons of excellent characters and on-going stories both in game and on the various blogs etc. There is a wealth of fan-made content surrounding the Star Wars and I really hope the the makers of the new films will realise, appreciate and conect with that and NOT use the series as a vehicle, just to make money.