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So yea, as the title says, I've just noticed there's something odd about the Empire speaking basic. The Empire basically started with refugees from the Great Hyperspace War following the Emperor to Dromund Kaas. Before then they were members of the Sith civilization of Korriban. Since this civilization was largely ignorant of the existence of the Republic, how come they speak the same language

I guess it's possible that the Dark Jedi brought the language when they arrived on Korriban (but they were very few in number) or that the Sith originally spoke basic (which seems odd). Or maybe they adopted the language as more practical when they conquered half the galaxy.

Of course it makes sense since it's a game and we have to understand what's being said but it's still a bit of a "lore hole" (some codex entires on the subject could be fun!). And on a similar subject, where did the humans in the Empire come from? We know they were there on Dromund Kaas thousands of years ago already (as seen in the timeline vids), did they originate as slaves or what Surely they're not descendants of the original dark jedi since they became purebloods. What do you guys think?

Edit: Okay, I have confirmation that the orignal Sith spoke their own language and that the jedi exiles adopted it as their language.