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Well being fair, the Sith Assassins were just those black wearing guys with the pikes. Only a small number of them were actually force sensitive and used lightsabers, most just used pikes and stealth generator belts. Though ya they did get stronger, depending on how powerful the Force user was, but just to clear that up Kreia doesn't have a lot of Force users with her its a small minority.
Well not exactly, they were the minority yes, but not small. For the record the Sith Assassins were force sensitive, not strongly mind, and she did possess a considerable number of Sith Lords, adepts, acolytes, dark Jedi etc. etc.

And if Traya wasn't on Malachor V, she would likely be on Korriban in the 'abandoned' Sith academy. But will she? I mean those HK units would have to be very skilled to get to the Trayus Core undetected...