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Unfortunately, for what reason I still do not fully understand, each and every Kaggath player knows that G0-T0 is adroid, as per K-canon. No idea why, it just.... is.
You do know why, because every time someone brings it up I explain it to them, as I shall do so now:

As per Kaggath rules the combatants know the identity of their opponents, G0-T0's identity is that of a rogue infrastructure planning system and crime boss of the Exchange - not his alias, Goto. Much like Darth Traya's identity is that of a Sith Lord, not a old woman called Kreia. And Darth Plagueis' the same, not Hego Damask.

You and others make an excellent point about Traya not being able to sense droids however, I hadn't considered that. But for some clarification on Force sense, it usually occurs at least 5 seconds before the danger reveals itself - which would probably be ample time for Traya to draw her lightsaber and deflect an incoming attack.

Also concerning Vornskr, if a Sith can be defeated by a pack of hounds then they don't deserve the title 'Sith'. However what they will be very effective against is stealth, the Vornskr hunt using the Force and can sense Force sensitives, so stealth attacks would be rendered useless. Having a few of these 'guarding' G0-T0 would be a powerful defensive measure.

Two things we should consider though is that, if Traya knows that she cannot sense droids and that assassination is likely the method G0-T0 will use to kill her, will she even be at Malachor where G0-T0 would suspect her to be?