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I would define an 'accomplishment' as achieving something other than internal power, and leaving some sort of lasting legacy on the galaxy - in this case a lasting legacy for the Sith. Kun did none of these because he was too unwilling to accept defeat and too eager to gather internal power for only himself. Notice how throughout the Great Sith War Kun spent most of his time on Yavin 4 studying the darkside.

Many Sith do infact accomplish something in their lifetime, and do not have those accomplishments swept away. The Sith of ancient times established a rich and powerful Sith Empire that stood for many years. And the last of them, Sadow, preserved himself on Yavin 4 so years later he might pass on his knowledge and continue the Sith and its Empire - that person was Freedon Nadd, who later did the same with Kun.

Darth Revan turned from the dark side and achieved much more in the light (also in the non-canon dark side ending, he achieves a Galactic Sith Empire), and even as a Sith he left a lasting legacy through his holocron and a broken Republic preyed on by the Triumvirate - did Kun ever even create a holocron? Darth Traya accomplished the complete annihilation of the Jedi, and paved way for a new Order. Her apprentices achieved nothing, as she often stated - although Nihilus did pass on his teachings via holocron.

The Members of the New Sith Empire all achieved much to strengthen their Empire which lasted for over 1000 years - and now as they wage war with the Sith they accomplish even more. The Sith to come were not as impressive, hence why Bane had them swept aside. Although Ruin began the New Sith Wars, Darzu left a holocron and Kaan's order birthed Darth Bane. And then the new Order of the Sith Lords led to the eventual realisation of the Grand Plan. Lumiya continued the line of the Sith and Darth Krayt established a galaxy-spanning Sith Empire.

So in fact many, if not most Sith achieved something in their lifetime and had a lasting legacy in death. Kun had neither of these, he waged a failed crusade against the Republic which failed even to create any form of lasting Sith territory, and in death he refused to pass his teachings on to another and instead created a personal cult (strikes of a self-centered egoistical mind) and then terrorized Luke's Praxeum until he was finally put down. I'm sure that if Traya ever confronted Kun she would say something along the lines of : 'To have fallen so far and learned nothing, that is your failure.'


  • Nadd did something entirely different to Kun, he imparted his knowledge of the darkside to Kun in order to continue the legacy of the Sith, Kun merely manipulated Kyp Durron into becoming his personal weapon against the galaxy, going on a rampage throughout the galaxy causing as much destruction as he could, because Kun hungered for pain and destruction. I doubt he had little or any care for the continuation of the Sith. The fact that he promised him power and taught him nothing is testament to this.

  • 'Lots of Jedi around at that time' is a rather petty excuse for not leaving a legacy, especially as he managed to live on as a Sith spirit. You'll find that there were always many Jedi around, throughout the course of galactic history. And yet still all the Sith I listed above accomplished something and left a legacy.

  • Did Kun achieve more than Malak did? I'm not saying he did, in fact their personalities were much the same so its no wonder they both achieved relatively little. All I'm saying is Malak accepted his defeat. But Kun refused too which is why he never left a legacy, because he only wanted power for himself.

You'll find that the only thing Kun achieved, all indadvertedly, was the near extinction of the Massassi race and the introduction of the double-bladed lightsaber to the wider galaxy. He achieved nothing for the Sith.