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Yep the ops dummy on my ship. I don't recall seeing any misses. Don't forget this gear has no augments. I don't know if the 2700 dps guys are augmented by I suspect so. Also this was far from a perfect pass. I screwed up numerous times and as you can see did not use EP/OS on cooldown. Someone who's better with concealment pve rotation/priority should easily do 10%+ more dps.
Except Ops dummy on the ship is level 50...not 55. So you pulled 2100 on an enemy 5 levels lower. Still not looking promising for Ops DPS-wise (though energy is WAY better).

Best I pulled was a little over 2000 on the 55 ops dummy, but I've not touched concealment in a while (swapped to lethality). So its probably possible to hit 2100-2200, but we're still in the dust. Especially when that's 69 gear and people (non Ops) are hitting that in 63 gear on live.