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I might be only one of a few that thinks Malak actually surpassed Revan in power, (not in tactics or overall brains) as a sith. Then Revan comes back as a jedi stronger than he ever was as a sith and surpasses Malak. (Im probably wrong about this but it makes some sense from a certain point of view.)

Would love to also see more of Darth Revan, if you think about it hes the true author of the Rule of Two, Bane just applied his teachings into making it. So in a way Darth Revan had a hand in creating the most powerful sith to ever live, the final product: Darth Sidious.
Malak had the Star Forge behind him and he still got owned, that's just weak.

And later he even admitted he was nothing, that's something a Sith Lord should never say. The non canon Dark Side ending is even more pathetic. Kun didn't admit defeat and still tried to get away when thousands of Jedi were coming for him, and Malak admitted he was nothing facing one Jedi,