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"There's nobody left who remembers who I was before. But they'll remember Malak. I'll make sure of that."-Malak

After Malak left Coruscant to regroup with Revan and their followers on Cathar, he was followed by Vrook Lamar and members of the Jedi Order. Vrook and the Jedi confronted Revan and told him to abandon their current path, telling them that the Mandalorians were not the true threat. During their argument, Revan noticed a Mandalorian helmet on the ground. He picked it up and all those present experienced a vision.

The vision showed a female Mandalorian, to whom the mask belonged, trying to convince Mandalorian General Cassus Fett to leave the Cathar. She saw how beaten the Cathar were, and that the Mandalorians were victorious. But Cassus saw the Cathar as a stain on the galaxy, and ordered them to be wiped out. He then killed the female Mandalorian and led the Neo-Crusaders to massacre the Cathar.

With the vision's end, Revan pledged to vanquish the Mandalorians, a pledge his followers were more than happy to make as well. However, despite knowing what had occured on Cathar, Vrook and the Jedi did not join Revan, but the Jedi Council allowed the Revanchists to join the Republic.

The Republic gladly accepted them, and declared them Generals. Revan and Malak's entrance to the war marked it's turning point. Republic numbers swelled, new ships were built, and Revan's strategies led the Republic to victory in countless battles. They liberated Taris and Althir from the grip of Mandalore the Ultimate and his general Cassus Fett.

But, as the Jedi Council feared, the war was changing Revan and Malak. They had changed from valiant Jedi to brutal conquerors. They began to believe that ultimate victory was all that mattered, and that anything should be done to achieve that victory. Revan began to adopt the tactics of his enemy, sacrificing worlds to make critical strikes against the Mandalorians. Their newfound savagery brought the war to its climax at Malachor V, where Revan had gone before to discover new Dark Side teachings. He shared these teachings with Malak, cementing their fall to the Dark Side.

Revan then set a trap for the Mandalorians at Malachor V. A great battle took place between the Republic and the Mandalorians. Revan personally executed Mandalore the Ultimate, but this would not be the end of the battle. One last act ended the war: a single nod from Jedi General Meetra Surik. With this act, Iridonian Engineer Bao-Dur activated the Mass Shadow Generator, a devastating weapon that ended the battle.

While Malak and Revan were hailed as heroes, their war was not done. Revan had learned of a Sith threat in the Unknown Regions, and took his forces to deal with it. They found an ancient Sith Emperor lurking on Dromund Kaas. They fought the malevolent being, but were overpowered and twisted by the Emperor's Dark powers. He made the two fallen Jedi Dark Lords of the Sith and sent them back to known space to locate the ancient Star Forge.

Revan and Malak returned to Known Space, bearing the title 'Darth'. Their fall to the Dark Side was complete, and with it, a new war would be waged by the new Sith Lords.

Stay tuned for Darth Malak.
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