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02.22.2013 , 03:13 AM | #178
BIOWARE!!! Would it be THAT HARD to explain what exactly "recurrence" and "repeated events" exactly means? We get NO CLEAR explanation as to this. Will we be able to get these items again, and earn more of the comms for them? Will the reputation matter in the next event? Why an XP cap every week for a two week event? No one will make Champion in two weeks, since it's not possible with the week cap. That really makes no sense to me.

Also, would it be so hard to make the WB's instanced? I am yet to find a group to kill Surgok'k. And I have tired for hours and hours, joining multiple groups who either disband or kick players for no reason, and still not killed him. No, its not my gear, I am over 21k health on both my 50's. Instead of having to travel jump all over, and the problems that brings with it, just make the tunnel instanced to the lead player. Whalah.

The game has ALOT of glitches and bugs. To the point that compared to other MMO's it is utterly unacceptable. The memory leak issue it frankly killing this game. Why not fix those instead of new content that only breaks the game even more? I'm very sure the community would much rather have a huge bug fix patch than new content. I guarantee it.

There are things the community has been BEGGING for for months or even since the game was launched....and you just add cartel and party jawas instead of what we want. Like that is somehow supposed to sedate us? No. It just puts people off. For example:

A dye system
Hood up or down
Ship customization/decoration
Guild Ship and more in game Guild abilities (Event Calendar, Guild Mail, etc)
Fix certain nerfs (bubble stun and smash)
Class Balances

Please focus on these things instead of "new content"

In closing. While this event is much better than the last one, more grinding is NOT fun. Make the events FUN...because isn't that what games are supposed to be?

I also want to thank you for doing one thing many people have wanted for ages. Adding Legacy Lightsabers

End of Line.