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Still downloading test client, so I just looked at the updated defense talent tree and have some questions/comments:

Battlefield Command might be useful if it reduced the minimum range of force Leap to 5/0 with 1/2 points invested.

What's the point of Purifying Sweeps now that Sundering Strike gives you your 5 stacks of armor debuff? Is it a separate and stacking armor debuff? Is it the same 20% debuff?

Other than that, I'm actually pleased with the changes to Defense Tree
The point of Purifying Sweeps is to put the sunder debuff on multiple targets at once, helps your DPS and makes more of them susceptible to the AOE effect of Guardian Slash. I suppose on a single target boss fight it'd be unnecessary but if you look at the tree, it makes perfect sense to spec for it in PvE for normal situations at least.

Battlefield command is basically a PvP talent, although it can be nice for speed running a flashpoint or dailies as well.