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02.21.2013 , 04:51 PM | #485
Here are a few suggestions to bring the sorc back on par:
1) Move Electric bindings back down below Backlash.
2) Lightning barrier benefits should be increased to 20%40% per point. (On live it is 10/20, on 2.0 it is 5/10)
3) Corrupted Barrier should extend its heal ability to allies, not just on the caster.
4) Increase to healing coefficient of Dark Heal more. It currently now costs 70 force on 2.0, and heals for a little over half what Dark Infusion does. For 70 force cost it should heal just under or equal to Dark Infusion. Increase the force cost to 80 along with the healing coefficient.
5) Conspiring Force should slow at a minimum 15/30, but I woul like to see 20/40. I understand a no cooldown spamable slow could become very powerful if not done correctly, however a 20% slow is laughable at best, wasted points at most.

Just my two cents about healing sorcs in the new expansion. As far as damage sorcs go, we need an execute skill, plain and simple. Untill the devs give us an execute skill, Sorc deeps wont ever be viable for PvP, period.
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