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02.20.2013 , 07:30 PM | #2
Firstly you didn't say what companions you are using. you need to create a full group tank healer and 2 dps, my suggestion would be healer uses tank as its easier to mange abilities and healing effects on it that way. they need to to be geared to the right level as well since companions don't have the deep skill sets of players gearing is what makes them makes them more or less effective. You need to prioritise targets like a group would as well, which leads into the next thing CC. Has to be used, no way around it with only two of you so all companions aoe's need to be off unless your up against single targets.

It can be done, some will be more difficult than others and since you say the healers only lvl44 there will be some of the critical healing skills missing since your wife won't have the points to put into the tree yet. Healer sage does have good versatility though, i ran a lvl 50 h4 today with another healer sage both of us off DPSing using a tank and dps companion, both of us had nothing more than 1 columni peice being mostly tionese, once your wife gets her sages level up a bit and into better gear you really won't run into too many problems with that combo.

hope that helps