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Actually there is one type of server for each language, last I checked, which was after consolidation to mega servers.
9 servers in EU, so that point is valid in the sense they have never done it before.
It is invalid in the fact that 85% of the people want to merge anyway. PVP players don't mind because there isn't open world PVP going on now, so it can't get worse. And increasing the amount of players will increase the amount of WZ going on. I'm on Gav and 80% of the players do PVP (that number is a guesstimate, the 85% wanting to merge was from the survey)
The RP clique is least interested in moving, but even they will get more players to RP with, and more player intolerant of them getting harassed for RPing in an MMORPG <- me being optimistic

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We wanted to clarify the current situation with the European RP-PvP servers Lord Calypho, Jen'jidai, and Huntmaster. Our goal for SWTOR players with these free character transfers is to be able to offer a destination server for players to have the best gameplay experience possible. As such, due to the unique nature of having only one European RP-PvP server per language, we wanted to give the three aforementioned servers the choice to transfer to a destination PvP server. As of right now, Lord Calypho characters can transfer to Tomb of Freedon Nadd, Jen’jidai to Jar'Kai Sword, and Huntmaster to Darth Nihilus.