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02.20.2013 , 05:50 PM | #15
Thank you all for your kind help. Reading everyone's responses here have been helpful and at times, humorous (running it naked at level 50... ahahahahaaa.)

Today hasn't been the best day* and I really needed that humor so thank you. As to the advice about levels and ranged vs melee, I'm melee so I will wait until 16-17 to solo this as my Rage Sith Warrior. I like EXP but I am also doing it for the story as well. I'm used to WOW where their instances really didn't have a story; heck none of the quests really had a story. Frak it...WOW didn't have much of a story at all.

The instances have story; each class has a story. I know it ends eventually but it is still wonderful to experience the stories now. The stories for the Class, the instances, and even some of the stories for the side-quests. Even though they will end it's great to enjoy them now

Thank you all again.

* Just found out I may not meet a certain requirements(s) for something despite having worked my you-know-what off to meet said requirements. I'd rather not go into detail. I put this * to let you all know that getting beaten by that Jedi in Black Talon is NOT the reason why I'm having a bad day.