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ah, you are one of them old school people.

MMO, contrary to what you seem to believe is NOT forced group content. MMO is a persistent world where grouping with a lot of different people is possible and can be fun. which SWTOR actually accomplishes. and encourages, in contrast to quite a few other MMO's on a market, who are successful in their own right but a lot more solo extensive. even old school MMO's the ones that used to require you to group for much of the content, or be unable to progress - have abandoned that model as its not sustainable.

Thank you. I keep saying this and the people do not understand me.
I also think in a MMO, I should be able to log in and..

NOT have to solo because I cannot find someone. That is a lie, I see plenty of people who can join me because only in a dead game would I be truly alone. It is just hard in this game to get in contact with them because of this clunky planet system. In FF11, I can log in and find people who are doing the same quests or whatever. We group up then we move on. In the time I played COH, everyone would put up messages in thier search system, so I can look for specific classes, levels and read your personal message. In Champions, I never needed a guild at all. I can literally stand there and find people for NEMCON. The people were ready and willing. In DFO, you go to a specific server for specific areas, so everyone in your server will be in your level range and doing the same quests.

SWTOR has features to get people to group more often. All of the stories are CO-OP, social points gives you rewards, and Heroics gives gear and comms. It is not the companions and the story; I think no one wants to play at another person's pace anymore.
For anyone who has leveled up toons from 1-50 with another person, they know it is not repair costs and XP.
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