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Does a guardian/jugg wearing light armor, instead of heavy armor, negatively affect them in PVP?
Assuming it's actually Light Armor and not Adaptive Armor, it would negatively affect their performance because it would reduce their K/E damage reduction, causing them to take more damage. In all likelihood, they're not actually wearing Light Armor but are actually wearing Adaptive Armor: Light Armor comes preloaded with Willpower rather than Strength so even the stats are inappropriate and unlikely to be used by a different class without a lot of serious modification; Adaptive Armor can look like whatever it chooses to (the Covert and Elegant armor sets show more skin than actual clothing, which would suggest that they're Light even though they're Adaptive) while mechanically operating as the highest weight armor that the person can equip (Consulars treat it as light, Sents and Smuggs treat it as medium, Troopers and Guardians treat it as heavy).
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