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Ok this is the first time I complain about Bioware.... But you seriously missed the point of this game.

Cartel Market is good but this is a Star Wars MMO, not a fashion competition to see who has the most expensive and awesome gear. You really think that CC will keep this game running? It won't.
The reason behind us blaming you without sense is because you don't communicate, a pair of words weekly about the topics we want to know about would make you player base more friendly; and you know it wont take you more than a few minutes. (SGR, smashers and bubblers to name a few)

You did an awesome game and you do awesome content. Bioware always does quality stories, we don't know how hard is to work on this game, we don't know how hard is to keep up with out constant moaning. The only thing we know is what bothers us about PvP and PvE

Communicating will do more for keeping this alive than what CC will.

Keep up the good work beacause not everything you do is bad... You're still miles ahead of other games.
The CC isn't supposed to keep the game alive in the since you're thinking, it's supposed to make Bioware/EA money so they can keep pumping out content. They are doing a lot better than they did at launch...not saying there isn't room from improvement, but you get the idea.
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