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On Red Eclipse I accidentally attacked a group of republics with my sage. I ended sadly

However on this server there was a group of jerks who attacked their own faction members and they couldn't understand the problem.

Sorry Bioware but if you want a FFA event you have to do it some other way. This is now just a big BS. 6 of our guildmembers went to try this event - we had forced to split into 2 groups because of this "no ops"-nonsense. Of course my AOE attack damaged my fellow mates of the other group. Nonsense.

However when a group of republic jerks ganked us for the third time I logged of. Imperial ganking was bad enough one year ago and I'm sick of this same faction ganking.

Sad thing PvP stuff is needed to the Gree event - as I see PvE-only will be not enough to collect the minimal reputation. And this is fail.
^I had this happen...having to split up your guild blows....I wouldn't have a problem with it if I could heal the other group though.
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