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Why is this crap on illum FFA? People are getting attacked more by their own faction than by the enemy faction. So much for war in star wars.
Although this does happen...I'd say it would be far worse if it were imp VS pub..they outnumber us two to least this way they can kill each-other being the hot pockets they are. However, I will say the WAR aspect your talking about could work if all pubs & all imps were on the same team & you could heal/guard everyone on your team. That might work & could be a cool idea for future events. Might require some kind of adaptive/smart UI though for know, that could change on it's own depending on who is near you & who isn't.

On a side note...I hope this is only like a once a year thing...maybe won't be special if everyone can just keep getting the items. The whole point of event items is that they are rare -- my opinion.
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