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02.20.2013 , 12:42 PM | #173
I have a Question I feel needs to be answered by the devs. I've maxed out my reputation both last week & this week; however, I'm still not a "champion" -- I'm "friend" rank. So, when does this event end? I know it is supposed to end next Tuesday (27th), but is that the last day of the event...or will it be gone on the 27? Basically, I'm trying to figure out weather or not I'm screwed out of the event weapons. I know a lot of people who are worried about this issue....

Aside from that I'd like to say that the devs did a really good job on this one, far better than the last two events. There is a lot of verity: PvP, PvE, World bosses, & raid fights. I would not mind seeing more events like this!! I would also like to hand down special kudos on the [Daily] Advanced Analysis/Advanced Testing mission. The third part where you have to use the mission item is a lot of fun....maybe you guys could bring something like this into a raid? It could just be for a mini-boss as far as I care...just something to break up the normal fight routines -- very fun!!
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