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02.20.2013 , 12:36 PM | #5
That was great, thx a lot bro... im leveling a Jugger from now, and im at lvl 31, full imortal spec, i got a full foundry set, but im felling a " 10 seconds tanker" for pvps, because when i do not have saber ward or imortal, i got killed so easy, i dont know if i need better gear of if this is how the juggers play... but i got to say, i love my jump -> push -> jump and the chocke for PVPs... the PvE is great from now and im capable to easy tank any boss until now...

but i just pruch my new Naga Razor Elit mouse with 17 buttons, and may be i could be a better tank as a Assasin/Shadow, or evan a Shield Tec/ Vanguard, what would you sugest for high PvP Survival?????

and thx again for the review from your gameplay