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Yes you are correct. Each planet has roughly 1 or 2 truely group-oriented Heroics. They are also purely optional, and most can be done in less than 30 minutes each.

It's an MMO. Group content should be the majority of content, not a few optional quests. Designing an MMO to be 95% solo game makes no sense at all. It would seem to be pretty obvious to me that making a multiplayer game actually mutiiplayer for the majority of the play experience would be a no-brainer.
ah, you are one of them old school people.

most people who have disposable income to pay subscriptions ect, rarely have large chunks of time to set aside to find a group for pretty much everything in a game. so modern purpose of an MMO is to make grouping possible and encouraged, but NOT necessary. otherwise, they would make no profit and will no longer manage to exist.

MMO, contrary to what you seem to believe is NOT forced group content. MMO is a persistent world where grouping with a lot of different people is possible and can be fun. which SWTOR actually accomplishes. and encourages, in contrast to quite a few other MMO's on a market, who are successful in their own right but a lot more solo extensive. even old school MMO's the ones that used to require you to group for much of the content, or be unable to progress - have abandoned that model as its not sustainable.