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my wife and I recently finished leveling up my juggernaut and her Inquisitor Healer… it was great, and we can do Heroic 4’s just fine with no one else. So last night, we decided to use my Sentinel who has been retired for some time and she leveled up a healer while I am at work. So we went to Belsalvis to help her with her Heroics, with my 50 and her at 44 and we breezed trough the Heroic 2+ but we got creamed in a heroic 4 even though I am a 50 with Tionese gear, just like my Jugg.

Should I make a Guardian to better compliment her healer…. Not too excited about doing the same story though.

Let me ask this, do we need better tactics to make a Sentinel/Healer work in a Heroic 4 or is that combo a lost cause for that stuff? Your thoughts will help me decide if we should just dump our Jedi and focus on other alts… We are holding off doing much end game stuff with our Sith combo until repair costs are fixed. My Sentinel, in our experiment, cost me 28k in repairs…. I was not about to keep trying different tactics at those prices, figured I would ask some opinions first. Before they jacked up repair costs, her and I would just keep trying different tactics and companions to find what works best.

It is very obvious to me, a Tank/Healer combo is the way to go for 2 people Heroic 4’s based on existing tactics we use… So dump him and build a Guardian or better tactics using a Sentinel to go with her Healer? If not for the crazy repair costs we would just keep trying. Your opinions will count...

I also read that a shadow may be a better tank than a guardian, is this true?

Thank You