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4 mil in an hour??? is that one hour a week, or day... so you do 28 million a week?

is any of that 4 mil an hour profit, after paying top coin on the GTN... cheap mats are scarce, alot of people want cheap mats... so, middle to high end prices prevail, if not today, if not tommorrow, sooner or later the damand drives up the price for mats, with someone buying up supplys to turn 4 mil of end product.

how many items max can we put on the GTN... 80??? so you're selling something, worth at least 50K... but that's pure profit...

can we assume, 100% markup.... so, 80 items at 100K, to cover expensive mats... perhaps it's 40 items, at 200K...

takes 16 people running dailies at 250K profit, to generate 4 mil creds... so, 160 people generate 40 mil a day...
you're taking 10% of the GPN daily, leaves room for 9 more people to do that same...

alright, I won't throw the BS flag... I will say crafting won't produce 4 mil per day in an hour, for very many people.
What he is talking about is 4 million credits for one hour's effort. It can still take several days to actually reap the profits of that effort, but his statement is not wholly unrealistic.

That being said, you do have a valid point, that he is more the exception than the rule. He has probably managed to find a high demand low supply niche market that has very little competition.