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Quote: Originally Posted by AshlaBoga View Post
I'm already a Hero of the Gree "Honored Silver Acute." Perhaps you didn't use the right combination of trophies?

I'm confused
Hey Ashlaboga and congrats on attaining "Honored Silver Acute" rep with the gree. Well done!

Confusion for both of us then...

Your confused that I am not "Hero" reputation with the Gree, despite having more than enough Gree Reputation Trophies and I am confused as I have no idea what combination I should have used the trophies in so that I achieved a better reputation....

I have "Friend" legacy reputation with "The Gree Enclave", have played my 9 x level 50's each day on Ilum but only one toon has completed the mission "The Ancient Gree Relays", as it is so time consuming jumping from planet to planet compared to just parking all of my toons on Ilum for the event. Playing so many toons for this event, I also gave up on the PvP daily mayhem and Heroic's after day 2...

So, I think I went wrong by only using the "Gree Memory Core" and "Gree Data Core" after collecting at the end of each daily toon run, in no combination, just clicked them to add reputation.

My "Friend" Reputation is 9120 out of 10000 and I have maxed out my weekly cap, which means I receive this message :- "You are already at the weekly reputation cap with this group".

Naively, I am confused that there is a (mathematical) combination as to how I should have used the "Premium", "Prototype" and "Artifact" reputation trophies to maximize the weekly reputation....

So for now, I have dozens, yes dozens of Trophies to use and the event ends on Feb 26th, before my weekly rep cap is reset..

I am also hoping that when the event ends on Feb 26th 2013, I can continue to use the Trophies each week, until I run out of Trophies or the event rolls around again to continue developing my legacy reputation.
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