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The Gree Weekly Reputation Cap.

I am really, really challenge driven and was determined to achieve the highest Gree Reputation that I could and managed to hit the first weekly cap in around 1 day.... which was great, but seemed strange to me that a weekly reputation cap is actually beneficial to any player?

So having maxed out my weekly reputation cap early last week, my initial challenge to achieve at least Hero reputation was on hold, but I continued to put my toons through the event and build up Gree Reputation Trophies to comvert to Gree Reputation as soon as the 2nd weekly cap became available, which is today.... So I popped a few of my collected Gree Reputation Trophies and now I have maxed out this weekly cap which is Friend Reputation without even puting a foot on Ilum
I'm already a Hero of the Gree "Honored Silver Acute." Perhaps you didn't use the right combination of trophies?

I'm confused
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