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02.18.2013 , 10:17 PM | #61
No surprises here at all.

This game is mostly grinding past 50, including the PVP. Grind versus PVP: everyone chooses the grind.

How often do you see people duel on a fair standing? Outside of the starter worlds: hardly ever.

How often do you see people deliberately downgrade from EWH gear for a greater challenge in WZ? LOL, as if any of you really cared about a challenge in PVP enough to do that.

Ganking is seen seldomly. Although it's not PVP, I approve of it, because it makes the game more interesting. With ganking, no one pretends that the organised 50s with better gear/stats have more 'skill' than the lone guy they just attacked. It's a pity this lack of pretension does not prevail when it comes to warzones when the same condition apply.

Incidentally, the ultra-lowbie (lvls 1-10) duelling is really the most competitive PVP that you get with this game. The rest is just about gear grind, and which team has the better class composition, vent/mumble usage, and luck on the day. PVP is virtually non-existent.