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[*] Same gender romance/flirt options have been confirmed for Rise of the Hutt Cartel and beyond, per Jeff Hickman's State of the Blog #2. Players are more than welcome to express their opinions about this, but please do so while being respectful of each other. [/color]
Here is the bottom line... Leliana in "Dragon Age: Origins" had fantastic romance options, which catered to both heterosexual and same sex players. Unless the romance options have some sort of meaning, their existence within the game will only feel like pandering. Since the same-sex romance options will only be available in "Rise of the Hutt Cartel", I think adding them last second is a complete waste of time. I am currently at level 23, and I am bored as all hell. If the romance options were available during the journey, I think the pc and npcs would be able to build meaningful relationships. As a result of the same-sex romance options being tact onto the end, I personally think their inclusion was a last second attempt to bring in more players.

Second, "Star Wars: The Old Republic" does not have any good looking npcs, which I would like to engage within a relationship. I have two boring and ugly npcs at level twenty three, and I only use one of them for grinding purposes.

Finally, unlike the BioWare game "Dragon Age: Origins", "Star Wars: The Old Republic" has many flaws with: main-class story pacing, long drags between levels, long drags between companion join ups, and too many game stopping lulls. I am currently sitting at level 23, and my next main-class mission is at level 27. Even though the class missions are solid, the distance between them causes a serious lull. If the romances were triggered along the journey, the lull between class missions would not feel so daunting.

Just my two cents.

FYI - I started to play "Star Wars: The Old Republic" about a week ago, and I am already considering leaving the game. I bought a short-term subscription and some cartel coins. Once I got to the long lulls between class missions, I became extremely bored with the game. Sure, the side quests are interesting, but they get in the way of immersion. Adding stronger inter-companion relationships would have gone a along way. It is unfortunate that companion conversations are limited to the ship, for they would have broken up some of the monotony. "Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic" has strategically placed companion triggers, which helped create a natural flow to the pc and npc dynamic. I wish those triggers were within "Star Wars: The Old Republic".