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It isn't your keyboard, from what I can tell. This has happened to me on all 4 of my computers, so I doubt it highly that it is a "keyboard" issue. I have yet to find anything in common with the different systems. I have however found a "workaround" - open up your preferences, go to keybindings, apply a keybind (I use the cover one), hit apply, and then you can either exit and hope it does not hit again for a while, or click default and reset everything so it is ready to go the next time it happens. That has been the only solution I have found and I have yet to get any response on any of the tickets I have put in on it. And I have put one in on all of my alts.
yeah idk ive tried that im not sure what it could be, i really hope i get an answer. I am going to keep bumping the post until i get a fix or an official response so will cross my fingers