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So I hav a lvl 35 sorcerer.....and only 70k in credits....wat can I do 2 get that number up fast!....crew skills,buyers tips,sellers tips, ect.....between my duty day and its work assignments and homework I cant afford some of the things my friends do (many of which are at or above 1 million credits by lvl 20-25 but wont tell me a damn thing ) would be most welcome.
First of all your "friends" are a-holes for not sharing their knowledge of credit earning with you.

Second, I am assuming you are new and your friends have been playing a while. Simply put, the time investment difference is what has generated their credit totals. Again I am assuming that they have multiple characters and you have one. If you are newcomer to MMOs, I can tell you right now, as a level 35 character you will not, I repeat NOT, make millions of credits overnight. It is an IMPOSSIBLE task and/or goal. Gamers who have been playing this game and MMOs in general for some time have "secrets" at making in-game money quickly, but again it does not happen overnight.

That being said, by the time you reach level 50, simply through the leveling process you will have at least half a million credits... IF you follow some simple guidelines, MY secrets of success by the way :

- do not buy ANYTHING you do not absolutely need. What I mean is: stay away from the GTM, only use stims and medpacs you acquire from drops. The list goes on, but I hope you get the idea.

- make sure that when you start a given playing session that you have your inventory as empty as possible, so that you can loot EVERYTHING off every mob you kill. Every item you leave on a corpse is wasted credits.

- Do EVERY quest you possibly can. Quest rewards are a GREAT source of credits.

- Along those same lines, think about which "physical" quest reward you accept when given a choice. Typically you will be offered a (or a few) planet commendation and some gear (for you or your companion) from which you must choose one. if you are interested in credits, sometimes it is more advantageous to choose the gear than the planet commendation. Planet commendations are important (to buy armoring, mod, and enhancements for custom quality gear), but if/when you already have a lot of them, one more is not going to make that much of a difference. On the other hand, accepting a piece of gear - even if you just sell it to a vendor - will generate credits you desire.

- Set a goal and keep your eyes on the prize. If you want to make a million credits, that's fine. But do not let some new shiny that your friend(s) get derail you from that goal. I've seen this happen a LOT.

- choose gathering crew skills rather than mission and/or crafting. gathering crew skills can be leveled while you are questing my finding nodes. You can then sell what you gather on the GTM, or just stockpile for a time when you do get a crafting skill thereby saving credits later. Mission and crafting skills require an investment of credits (sending your companions on missions, and/or training to get better crafting schematics) that you will probably not see a return on until long after your character is level 50.

- Most important of all...You must have patience. In-game income is a like a snowball rolling downhill. It starts off slow and sporadic, but if you let it continue rolling it will gain size and speed. Some may post here that they made a lot of credits "overnight." They are the exception not the rule; most of the time they managed to acquire something that has/had a high value in game and sold it. This is like hitting the lottery or a jackpot on a slot machine - the odds are against you do not depend on it.