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Hahaha, mate view my signature and tune in tonight at 8:30PM AEDT.

As to the other post about the 'standard' and 'light' population, if you have read the forums you would know that these do not reflect a standardised set of player numbers (e.g 150 players = light) but are reflective of the number of active players on that server.

E.g Master D has, for arguments sake, 500 registered players, anything under 20% of that represents light, 50% = standard, 70% = heavy, 90% = very heavy.
I wasnt directing the comment at you directly, I realise you are still active on the server. And doing great things for it I might add. I tried to make it as general as possible as it was more directed at the people who had left.

I was not aware of how the population indicators worked. Thanks for that. Im guessing when you say players, your refering to active accounts with characters on that server. So if that was the case you could effectively create a scew of numbers should there be alot of people with toons on a server, but never actually play those toons?

I guess it makes sence to judge population that way, but it definately varies from my initial take on the matter.

That makes light much better for Master d, as it would be reflecting the peak of its life time rather than the reset states of the american servers. Assuming ofcourse the peak numbers have not been adjusted.

And light on the american servers looks to be significantly more in that case.
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