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02.17.2013 , 05:20 PM | #1
Exactly as the title states, I have been searching it but I haven't really found an answer to what I am looking for.

Basically if I find an Advanced Might Hilt 27 (purple level), and I don't have any level of might hilt 27 as a known schematic, if I RE the Advanced Might hilt 27 will I have a chance at all of learning that schematic? Cause I noticed on all purple type mods it says No Research Available, and I have never succeeded in doing so, so just wondering if I am wasting good mods or am I just unlucky. Thanks.

Oh and if that isn't the way to learn said schematic (anything lv 27 for that matter) then how do I learn it? does a certain boss drop these schematics or drop a prototype level (blue) mod that i can RE?