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02.17.2013 , 12:09 PM | #1
I've only been with this game a little under a half-a-year, but I've found myself 'burning out', so to speak, after a while, and i wasn't sure why until recently. Of course, it should've been obvious. I'm spreading myself too thin, trying to handle 2 or three characters per server on three different servers. So I've decided to focus on three characters, one from each server, and only play one per day, leaving plenty of rest time in between sessions.

Characters I'll be focusing on:

My level 25 Sith Sorcerer who is about to head to Tattooine, Kaisan Viridian.
My level 16 Sniper whose almost finished with Dromuund Kaas.
And a level 9 BH on Hutta who I intend to spec as a Powertech.

One on each server. Once I'm done with those, then i'll concentrate on new characters....